Power Protection Services

We no longer provide this service.


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Freelance Design and Prototyping

    Our services include:

  • 2D draughting and 3D CAD design

  • Production of manufacturing drawings

  • Manage the build of any prototypes

  • Manage prototype testing

  • Product Development


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Telephone: 01488 684697

e-mail: sales@combeproducts.com


Sample Project

Self Steering Gear for yachts - The Steersman


Robotic all Terrain Vehicle



Are you looking for new ideas?

Parhaps you are a manufaturer looking for a new product.

Maybe you are a Service type business looking to expand or enhance your business.

Maybe you want to appear on Dragons Den with a new invention.

Whatever the reason, we have a number of inventions, not yet patented, available and we have the capabililty to develop these ideas in to new products.

Product inventions available

  • A new design for a disabled vehicle

  • An emergency power device for Lifts

  • A self cleaning nozzle

  • A more efficient engine

  • A fast acting gearbox

  • New kitchen appliance

  • Wind generator

  • Vehicle accesories

  • A modern day sailing ship that can be used to transport shipping containers from container ports to smaller ports, saving energy and helping to reduce road traffic

  • An overhead train that can be used for either urban transport or inter-city. Features are low cost installation, and a fast comfortable ride.


For more information on any of these or if you have an idea you would like us to develop with you -

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